Colby Webb | Nipomo High School | Senior Portraits

August 13, 2015 Nipomo High School 0 Comments

  Colby Webb.  Nipomo High School, Class of 2016

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Shelby | Arroyo Grande High School | Seniors

  Shelby from Arroyo Grande High School.  Class of 2015.   Thank you Shelby, more to come.  Stay tuned.

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Paige | Nipomo High School

August 11, 2014 Nipomo High School 2 Comments

Paige from Nipomo High School.  Contact me if you are in need of High School Senior Portraits!  

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Sophia | High School Senior Portraits

The first Senior portrait session of the season and it was an insane success.  Sophia Kukovich didn’t know she could throw…

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Michaela | Senior Portraits

August 26, 2013 Nipomo High School 0 Comments

Class of 2014, Nipomo High School Senior Photos.  #Field #Natural #Outdoors  

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Michael | Pioneer Valley High School | Senior Portraits

Congratulations to Michael for his last year at Pioneer Valley High School.  Class of 2014.

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Taylor | High School Senior Pictures

I just photographed the coolest Nipomo High School Shot Put and Discuss Goddess, Taylor.  Thank you for choosing me to laugh…

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Elizabeth Quevedo | Nipomo High School Senior Portraits

  Elizabeth Quevedo is simply an amazing young girl.  Elizabeth, her family and I could not stop laughing and having fun…

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Nipomo High School Senior Photos | Travis Eskew

Travis Eskew, a Nipomo High school Senior, class of 2014.  A Nipomo football player, Teacher imitating extraordinaire and a guy who can make his…

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